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What are the challenges that impact video processing and distribution at scale?

There is enormous pressure to maximize viewer engagement and customer experience while reducing operational costs.

This pressure is mounting due to: 

  • An intense battle for subscribers who can choose from more than 240 streaming options in the US alone
  • Increased investments in original content - projected to hit $230 billion this year
  • High churn rate - reaching 44% in Q1’2022 (above 50% for Gen Z and Millenials)
  • Increased subscription-hopping: 33% of U.S. consumers said they had both added and cancelled a subscription over the past 6 months according to a Deloitte study
  • Demanding viewers who have decreasing tolerance for poor video quality 
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This document discusses some of the key issues that studios and streaming services are facing in delivering the video quality their subscribers expect while increasing operational efficiencies. It also outlines the key considerations of the solution needed that will overcome these challenges.

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