What are the challenges that impact video processing and distribution at scale?

There is enormous pressure to maximize viewer engagement and customer experience while reducing operational costs.

This pressure is mounting due to: 

  • Increased investments in original content - projected to hit $230 billion this year
  • High churn rate - reaching 44% in Q1’2022 
  • Increased subscription-hopping: 33% of U.S. consumers said they had both added and cancelled a subscription over the past 6 months, according to a Deloitte study
  • Demanding viewers who have decreasing tolerance for poor video quality 

There are 3 key problems facing QA teams in order to be efficient, reduce costs and deliver a meaningfully improved viewer experience. 

Problem #1 - Subjective reviewers (Golden Eyes) don’t provide an objective, scalable and automated way to check video quality across all content 24/7. 

As versions explode, it becomes impossible for human testers to examine every second of every asset, with the result that Golden Eyes are applied to select content or just parts of the assets. This results in poor video quality for a lot of content, with issues reaching subscribers’ screens. Using only subjective reviewers also means that there is no consistent quantification of the video quality of the assets that are passed down the distribution chain. When video quality problems surface down the line, there is no way to know what was the initial quality level to help with the root cause investigation. Subjective reviewers are human after all, so issues can slip through. 

The process of quantifying quality is further complicated because today the number of files that need to be created to deliver globally and at scale is growing exponentially; asset versions need to be prepared to account for different encoder standards, frame rates, dynamic ranges, formats, resolutions and devices. For example, a single asset would need to be prepared for 3- 4 different codecs x 5 resolutions x 2 dynamic ranges x 5-8 profiles x 10 playback devices = up to several hundred combinations. 

What is a solution to this issue? What are other problems QA teams face? Download our white paper below that covers what you need to know to satisfy your subscribers' expectations.

VOD Paper Updated V2_Page_1This document discusses some of the key issues that studios and streaming services are facing in delivering the video quality their subscribers expect while increasing operational efficiencies. It also outlines the key considerations of the solution needed that will overcome these challenges.

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