Video quality automation can solve the top 4 technical problems that streaming providers face and more.

This report presents and analyzes findings from a comprehensive survey conducted on behalf of SSIMWAVE by streaming industry expert Dan Rayburn. More than 200 respondents participated in the survey and these participants cover a diverse set of roles in the video ecosystem, including OTT providers, broadcasters, MVPDs, and movie/TV studios.

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As video streaming services scale, manual processes and unsolved technical problems, including video quality issues, get amplified and become increasingly more difficult to stay ahead of. The video services that can proactively build the proper automation systems from the start are the ones that will have more efficient workflows, lower operational costs, fewer customer-facing issues and complaints, and thus less customer churn.

Survey Data Report

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Some of the questions include:

  • What issues do you encounter within your streaming video workflow?
  • What are the biggest technical issues you face across ingestion, encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery and playback?
  • What are the challenges you encounter with QA automation?
  • What are the main issues your service is experiencing with scaling/asset processing?